INPEX SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION was established as nonprofit organization in Japan in March 1981 with a donation by then Indonesia Petroleum, Ltd. (now INPEX CORPORATION) in commemoration of the 15th Anniversary in order to promote mutual understanding, friendship and goodwill through an exchange of students by means of scholarship awards. Under its international education exchange program, this FOUNDATION offers scholarships to promising Indonesian students who wish to study in a postgraduate course of university in Japan, and accepts the applicants for scholarships for 2018 on the following plan.


All of the following conditions should be satisfied.

(1) Those who have the nationality of the Republic of Indonesia and are less than 30 years of age at the time of the submission of the application, and have a “SARJANA” Degree in Natural Science from a prestigious Indonesian university with at least 16 years of school education, or equivalent academic background.

(2) Those who have the aim to study a course of Natural Science in a master program of university in Japan, and were permitted or are expected to be permitted to enter the university.

(3) Those who have excellent results of school record, (cumulative GPA : more than 3.0) and are in good health.

(4) Those who have been permitted to get the scholarship of the FOUNDATION by their belonging institutes, universities or companies.

(5) Those who have interest in the friendly relations between the Republic of Indonesia and Japan and are prepared to contribute to the promotion of such relations.

(6) Those who had not or have not been awarded similar scholarships in Japan or in developed countries.


A maximum of THREE (3) students will be accepted for the 2018 scholarship program.


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